Due to the technical nature and highly skilled construction involved in moving coil cartridges, it is not possible to replace the stylus.

Audio-Technica does not recommend having a moving coil cartridge re-tipped or repaired by any independent, unauthorised repair centre since the original performance and optimal specifications can only be obtained when the complete cartridge is assembled and thoroughly tested by our skilled engineers at Audio-Technica’s specialist production facility in Japan.

Therefore Audio-Technica offers a comprehensive trade-in programme for its customers with moving coil cartridges with worn out styli.

Stylus replacement of AT-ART1000 cartridge is achieved by sending back your own cartridge to Tokyo, Machida factory (see cartridge AT-ART1000 rebuild programme).

Trade-in Programme Terms and Conditions

  • The customer must return the old Audio-Technica moving coil cartridge to an Authorised Moving Coil Cartridge Service Centre along with proof of purchase.
  • The MC cartridge returned under the programme must be outside of its warranty period, and be in working order (with the exception of a worn stylus) with no mechanical damage on the cantilever.
  • This programme is available exclusively for customers in Europe. (For customers with damaged or broken cartridges, please contact your local Authorised Moving Coil Cartridge Service Centre for assistance)

If you have a cartridge that is eligible for the Moving Coil Trade-in Programme, please contact your local Authorised Audio-Technica Office for further details.