The USB Audio Codec that is built into windows was re-developed with Windows 8 and 10, which results in a different setting required with these Operating Systems than previous.

To check whether this is the cause of your low output, please follow these instructions carefully:

Checking input settings:

  • Go to "recording devices". On Windows 10, this can be found by typing Sound or Recording devices into the search bar next to the start button. When the results appear, click Sound.
  • When the window opens, click the Recording tab. 
  • Find the AT2020USB+ in this list, it may appear as a different name (Generic PnP Sound Device or similar). Right-click it, and click Properties.
  • Select the Levels tab, and ensure that the volume bar is at 100. Once changed, press OK or Apply
  • Next, set the input volume on the side of the microphone to the appropriate level.

If this did not solve your issue, it might be worth re-installing the Windows driver.  To do this, please follow these instructions carefully:

Note: If you are uncertain or unfamiliar with these settings, we would recommend consulting with an IT Specialist.  The following instructions may change with future updates of Windows OS, for the latest updates, please check with an IT Support Advisor.

Reinstall driver:

  • In the search bar next to the start button, type Control Panel. Click the link for the Control Panel folder when it appears.
  • In Control Panel, find Device Manager and left-click to open it. You may have to change "View By" on the top-right of the folder from Category to Large Icons.
  • In the Device Manager window, you will find the AT2020USB+ listed under Sound, video and game controllers. Click the arrow next to this group, which should then show several devices including your AT2020USB+. If it showed in the recording tab by a different name, this is the name it will have here also - you can confirm which is the right one by disconnecting and reconnecting the microphone whilst having this window open; the right one will disappear and reappear in the list as you do this.
  • Right-click AT2020USB+ and click Uninstall. Press OK to confirm device uninstall.
  • Now, simply disconnect the mic and reconnect it a few seconds later. Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers.

Check audio in other applications: 

Sometimes the application being used can be the source of a sound-quality issue. We recommend recording sound from the microphone into a recording software (such as Audacity), and then listening back to the results.

If this does not improve the output of your AT2020USB+ with your Windows 10 computer, we would next recommend testing the microphone with another computer, to see if you experience the same results.  If the results are noticeably improved on the second computer, we would recommend checking with an IT specialist to help resolve the issue with the first computer.  

If the results are the same with an alternative computer and your microphone is within its warranty period, we recommend that you discuss this issue with your retailer.  If you are outside of the warranty period, please contact your local Audio-Technica Support Office for further assistance: